Join us for dinner, drinks & conversation at one of our upcoming events! Dinner details and ticket info can be found at the links below.

Our dinners are typically held at the designer’s home, but for the safety and health of our community during the pandemic, we will be transitioning to outdoor and virtual dinners for our Fall 2020 season.


Outdoor dinner in Brooklyn, New York

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Architensions (ATE) is an architectural design studio operating as an agency of research led by Alessandro Orsini and Nick Roseboro based in New York and Rome. Architensions works at the intersection between theory, practice, and academia, focusing on social behaviors and architecture, both in continuous dialogue with the context and aiming at creating new experiential scenarios. The studio seeks to define fields of actions for the built environment reconnecting urbanism and architecture through spaces capable of establishing a narrative within the city and opposing the paradigm of architecture as a financial tool. Follow their work on instagram: @architensions

Zeina Koreitem

November 21, 2020 2:00 pm Pacific A Lebanese style, outdoor dinner at her home in Topanga, CA

Architect Zeina Koreitem is a founding partner, with John May, of MILLIØNS, a Los Angeles-based experimental design practice. MILLIØNS conceives of architecture as a speculative medium for exploring the central categories of contemporary life: technology, politics, energy, media, and information. Their approach insists on an expansive parallel project of technical, historical and cultural analysis, which surrounds and informs their work. Zeina is part of the design faculty at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles and previously has previously held positions as Design Critic in Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and taught at the University of Toronto and USC School of Architecture. Follow MILLIØNS on instagram @millionsarchitecture.

Michael K Chen

December 3, 2020 7:00 pm Eastern Virtual Dinner

Reserve your seat at this virtual dinner table with New York architect Michael K Chen! Each guest will be mailed a special dinnerware object designed by Michael and a kit for preparing your meal, with a menu specifically selected by our featured Architect! 

Michael is the founder of MKCA a design practice that operates across a range of scales from buildings to interiors to furniture to urbanism with an approach that is deeply informed by curiosity and a love of tinkering, of drawing, of discourse, and of making. Michael is also a leader for Design Advocates,  a network of experienced architecture, design, and advising firms, as well as individuals, who volunteer their time and expertise to collaborate on projects, research, and advocacy to serve the public good while engaging in ongoing advocacy for the broader independent design industry. Follow @designadvocates and @mkcarchitecture on instagram!