Michael K Chen

December 3, 2020 7:00 pm Eastern Virtual Dinner

Reserve your seat at this virtual dinner table with New York architect Michael K Chen! Each guest will be mailed a special dinnerware object designed by Michael and a kit for preparing your meal, with a menu specifically selected by our featured Architect! 

Michael is the founder of MKCA a design practice that operates across a range of scales from buildings to interiors to furniture to urbanism with an approach that is deeply informed by curiosity and a love of tinkering, of drawing, of discourse, and of making. Michael is also a leader for Design Advocates,  a network of experienced architecture, design, and advising firms, as well as individuals, who volunteer their time and expertise to collaborate on projects, research, and advocacy to serve the public good while engaging in ongoing advocacy for the broader independent design industry. Follow @designadvocates and @mkcarchitecture on instagram!