Alex Bertman & Artemis Papadatou

Dinner Date: October 29, 2020
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Check back soon for more photos and to listen to the conversation!

In October we celebrated our second virtual dinner with this Miami Beach design duo!

Alex Bertman is the founder of Field Tiles, a design and materials brand. Alex’s background in design and architecture, and experience working in the design departments of The Standard and Rosewood Hotels, lead him to create a more intuitive platform for sourcing materials. Artemis Papadatou is a lighting designer and founder of Map Design Studio, working on projects such as the award winning museum, Magazzino Italian Art. Prior to founding her own practice, Artemis was a lead designer for L’Observatoire International, where she was lead designer on numerous projects for cultural and luxury hospitality clients such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Stephen Starr of Starr Restaurant Group.  Together they will share their creative journey and discuss the ups and downs of running small design practices during a global crisis.