Dinner With Designers is an event series that shares the stories of influential designers from around the world through an intimate dinner conversation that takes place at the designer’s home. Founded in 2017 in New York, these dinners offer a unique platform for the design community and a conversation space to share unparalleled insight and inspiration.

Dinner guests have the opportunity to sit down with designers in their home and hear their story first hand, connecting with each other over a memorable and meaningful experience as they learn about their unique creative journey. The series aims to generate critical conversation, support mentoring relationships & create community among designers with varying backgrounds. 

These dinners have taken place across New York, Connecticut and Chicago, and we are excited to be launching the Los Angeles chapter this Fall. In the past we have hosted notable designers such as Sarah Oppenheimer, Archie Lee Coates, Billie Tsien, Oana Stanescu, Ken Smith, Anthony Vidler, Keller Easterling, and many others. View all our past dinners here.

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Dinner with Archie Lee Coats of Playlab, INC in Brooklyn, New York
Dinner with Keller Easterling at her home in Manhattan.


  • Madelynn Ringo: Founder & New York Director
  • Erik Freer: Creative Direction & Branding
  • Charlie Tokowitz: Chicago Co-Director
  • Melissa Long:  Chicago Co-Director
  • Pearl Ting Ting Ho:  Los Angeles Co-Director
  • Ian Svilokos:  Los Angeles Co-Director

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Past Contributors:

Dinner with architect Wendy Evans Joseph at her home in Manhattan.
Our first dinner in Chicago with architects Alison Von Glinow and Lap Chi Kwong